EditLive! 9 Documentation : Capturing Content Before Submit

In order to use EditLive! in a web-based application, users will edit content in EditLive!, then submit the content to a server-side script which saves the information to be viewed and edited by other users.

EditLive! provides an setAutoSubmit Method which automatically copies the contents of EditLive! into a hidden form field when a form is submitted. This hidden form field, along with all other form fields, can then be processed by a server-side script to save the content on the server (in formats such as a database or simply on the server's local file system). 

However, depending on how complicated a form's onsubmit function is, the AutoSubmit functionality of EditLive! may not be able to successfully write the contents of the editor to the desired hidden field.

This tutorial shows developers how to manually overwrite the onsubmit method of a HTML form to extract the contents of EditLive!.


The Capturing Content Before Submit Tutorial provides a step-by-step walk-through on how to extract the contents of EditLive! and assign the contents to a form field to be processed by a server-side script.


The complete code view for all the associated files in the Capturing Content Before Submit Tutorial is also available.