EditLive! 9 Documentation : Basic ASP Example Code

      <!-- #include file="../../redistributables/editlivejava/editlivejava.asp" -->
      <form name="form1" method="POST">
         <% 'Declare a global EditLive! object
            Dim eljglobal
            Set eljglobal = New EditLiveGlobal
            'Set the download directory to where EditLive! can be found
            eljglobal.DownloadDirectory = "../../redistributables/editlivejava"
            'Declare an instance of EditLive!
            Dim editlivejava1
            Set editlivejava1 = New EditLive
            'Set the properties for the instance of EditLive!
            editlivejava1.Name = "ELJApplet1"
            editlivejava1.Width = 600
            editlivejava1.Height = 400
            ' Specify the location of the XML configuration file for EditLive!
            editlivejava1.ConfigurationFile = "sample_eljconfig.xml"
            ' Specify the initial content for EditLive!
            editlivejava1.Body = "<p> Document contents for EditLive! </p>"
            ' Show the editor applet