Autosave will automatically save draft versions of content to the local machine before the content is saved to your content management system. Autosaves will occur every two minutes after the content has begun to be edited, preventing significant changes from being lost if the browser crashes or connectivity to the server is lost.

EditLive! will prompt the user on start-up if a draft for the current server exists that is newer than any known saved good version for the same server. Users can restore this draft (or the latest draft from any editing session in the past 24 hours) using either the notification bar displayed in the editor or a menu item.

Only one autosave will be kept for an editing session (a period of time where the editor is editing a specific piece of content), and these will be removed after 24 hours.

Enabling Autosave 

There are two steps to perform to enable Autosave.

Enabling the Autosave Plugin

Autosave is a plugin packaged with EditLive!. Because this plugin is packaged by default, you can simply specify the name attribute autoSave for a <plugin> element resident in your EditLive! Configuration File.

               <plugin name="autosave" />
Specifying the Autosave Toolbar and/or Menu Items

The Menu and Toolbar Item List features a toolbar/menu item for displaying the list of Autosave content items available to restore from.

Notification bar

The notification bar will be displayed by default if there is a draft available. Displaying the notification bar can be controlled using the showinfobar attribute for the Autosave plugin (from EditLive!

<plugin name="autosave" showinfobar="false" />