EditLive! 9 Documentation : Auto Correct Spelling

EditLive! provides functionality for automatically correcting the spelling of certain words.

EditLive! currently only supports Auto Correct word lists for British and US English. You can generate custom auto correct word lists for additional languages using the format specified below.

Enabling Auto Correct

To enable Auto Correct, you will need to set the startAutoCorrect attribute for the <spellCheck (Applet)> configuration file element to true. Auto Correct can be toggled by the user if you add the AutoCorrect menu item to the EditLive! interface.

Modifying the Auto Correct Word List

The word list used by Auto Correct can be modified in the same way as the Tiny dictionary word lists. Customizations are performed in a text file packaged with a custom dictionary .jar file.

Auto Correct Word List Format

The Auto Correct word list is stored in a file called correct.tlx, which is packaged inside your specified dictionary .jar file. The first line of this file must contain the exact text:

#LID 24941

Each preceding line in the file will depict an incorrect word and its correctly spelled replacement. These lines must adhere to the following format:

word \t action otherword
  • word
    The incorrectly spelled word to be detected by the editor.
  • \t
    The tab character.
  • action
    The action to be invoked against the specified word. The actions available are:
    • a
      The specified word will be automatically be changed on detection.
    • A
      The specified word will be automatically changed, preserving the case pattern of the word as written in the document.
    • c
      This action currently works the same as the a action.
    • C
      This action currently works the same as the A action.


The following example specified an Auto Correct word list that will change the word teh to the word the, preserving the case.

#LID 24941
teh        Athe

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