EditLive! 9 Documentation : Accessibility Compliance

In order for users to utilize the Accessibility functionality, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Users are still operating the editor in their 30 day trial period, or
  • An Enterprise Edition license has been installed for the editor. For more information on licensing see the Licensing EditLive! article.


EditLive! allows users to check their document against the W3C Accessibility Compliance Guidelines 2.0. The functionality aides users in creating documents which comply with the guidelines stipulated by the W3C and the US Government ITAW. See the Menu and Toolbar Item List article for more information on how to enable accessibility compliance checking through EditLive!.

Users should be aware that the information provided through EditLive!'s accessibility compliance checking is intended to be a guide only. Tiny has been implemented with reference to W3C Accessibility Compliance Guidelines and United States Section 508 accessibility guidelines; however, elements of this implementation may rely on interpretation. The user's interpretation of these guidelines may differ from the Tiny interpretation. Users are encouraged to follow the links provided with each accessibility issue EditLive! reports for extended information on the guidelines. These links will lead them to either the specific W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines checkpoint on the W3C website or the appropriate United States Section 508 checkpoint.


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines recommend that the proper HTML elements should be used to mark up emphasis: <EM> and <STRONG>. The <B> and <I> elements should not be used; they are used to create a visual presentation effect. The <EM> and <STRONG> elements were designed to indicate structural emphasis that may be rendered in a variety of ways (font style changes, speech inflection changes, etc.) - H49: Using semantic markup to mark emphasized or special text | Techniques for WCAG 2.0.

To ensure that EditLive! uses logical emphasis for the application of bold and italics, please set the logicalEmphasis attribute of the <htmlFilter> configuration file element to true.