EditLive! 9 Documentation : Content Property (ASP.NET only)

This property is used to set/retrieve the content of a .net EditableSection control.


ASP.NET - EditLiveJava control
prefix:EditLiveJava Content="strContent"
ASP.NET - EditableSection control
prefix:EditableSection Content="strContent"



A string specifying the initial content of the EditLive! applet.

The default value is an empty string.


The following code would set the initial contents of EditLive! to be equal to Initial contents. The <P> and </P> tags will not be seen in the window as they will be parsed as HTML. However, these tags will be visible in the Code View.

ASP.NET EditableSection Control
   Content="<P>Initial contents</P>"

This property can be databound to ASP.NET data sources.