EditLive! 9 Documentation : Init Method (ASP only)

This method initializes the Ephox EditLive! global object upon which it is called. 

This method is only for use with the EditLive! ASP load-time properties.


Visual Basic Script


The following code declares a new EditLive! global object named elglobal, sets the required DownloadDirectory property, and calls the Init method on it. This will initialize elglobal with the given DownloadDirectory property and the default setLocalDeployment Method value of true.

Dim elglobal
Set elglobal = New EditLiveForJavaGlobal
elglobal.DownloadDirectory = "../../redistributables/editlivejava"


Before the Init method is called on an EditLive! global object, the DownloadDirectory property of that object must be set.

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