EditLive! 9 Documentation : Minimizing an EditLive! Deployment

It is possible to minimize a deployment of EditLive!. This can be especially useful when deploying EditLive! to Web servers with a limited amount of disk space available.

All the files required to deploy EditLive! to a Web server are included in the INSTALL_HOME/webfolder/redistributables directory of your EditLive! install where INSTALL_HOME is the directory where the SDK has been installed.

The redistributables directory contains two sets of files:

  • EditLive! source files, found in the .../redistributables directory; and
  • EditLive! dictionaries, found in the .../redistributables/dictionaries directory.

Note: When using EditLive! with ASP.NET or J2EE, the server control or tag library respectively must also be present on your Web server. 

In the redistributables/dictionaries directory, it is possible to remove all the dictionaries apart from those being used with your implementation of EditLive!. The dictionary to be used with an instance of EditLive! is specified within the <spellCheck (Applet)> element of the configuration file.

In the .../redistributables directory, it is possible to deploy without the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installer and instead force users to download the installer from Sun Microsystems. When deploying the JRE in this manner it must be ensured that clients have access to the Internet to download the installer. It should also be ensured that clients have the relevant access permissions to install the JRE on their machines.

In order to force users to download the JRE from Sun Microsystems the setLocalDeployment Method must be called with the parameter false when instantiating EditLive!.