EditLive! 9 Documentation : Deploying EditLive! on a Web Server

EditLive! is a Java applet that integrates with web applications using a JavaScript API.  When integrating EditLive! using the JavaScript API all of EditLive!'s code executes client side.  The only server requirement is that the web server is able to host EditLive!'s source files.  Each distribution of EditLive! is provided with a folder that can be deployed directly to your web server to use EditLive!.

When you download and unzip an EditLive! distribution it will contain a number of files and either:

  • webfolder directory, if you have downloaded the complete EditLive! SDK or 
  • an editlivejava directory, if you have downloaded an EditLive! update package

These directories are designed to be deployed to a web accessible location on a web server.  Once you've done so you'll have access to EditLive! as part of your web application and you're ready to start integrating.

If you're using the complete SDK, the webfolder directory contains a collection of samples in several different scripting languages as well as the EditLive! runtime files.  These examples can be accessed via the browser once deployed on your server.  Within the SDK distribution the EditLive! runtime files are contained within the webfolder/redistributables/editlivejava folder.

With either distribution it is the editlivejava folder containing the EditLive! source files that you'll need to begin working with EditLive! within your own applications.