EditLive! 9 End User Help : Using the Find Dialog


EditLive! allows users to search for specific text in their content.

Find Methods

There are 3 basic methods for finding specific text in EditLive!:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Toolbar Buttons
  • Menu Items


The toolbar, menu and context menu items described below may not appear in your instance of EditLive!. This would be due to your Systems Administrator removing this functionality. For more information, see your Systems Administrator.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press CTRL and F keys simultaneously to display the Find Dialog.

Toolbar Buttons 

The EditLive! toolbar provides the  button for displaying the Find Dialog.

Menu Items 

The  Find menu item is located under the Edit menu.

Using the Find Dialog

  • Replace - Move to the next instance of the text found in the Find What field and replace it with the text found in the Replace With field.
  • Replace All - Automatically move through the document replacing all instances of the text in Find What with the text found in the Replace What field.
  • Find Next - Move to the next instance of the text found in the Find What field.
  • Cancel - Closes the dialog.
  • Match Case - When checked, performing the Replace, Replace All or Find Next functions only moves to text that exactly matches the format of the text found in the Find What field.

    If Find What contained the text 
    Ephox, clicking Find Next would not move to the word ephox.

  • Whole Word Only - Replace, Replace All or Find Next will only move to the text in Find What field is this text can be found as it would appear in a sentence.
    For example, if Find What contained the text Ephox, clicking Find Next would not move to the text XXXEphoxXXX.


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