EditLive! 9 End User Help : Insert HTML Fragment


Many programs and systems provide you with the ability to export snippets of HTML containing rich content. If you have a selection of HTML you wish to paste into EditLive!, there are two options available.

  • Code View
  • Insert HTML Fragment 

Code View

Code view allows you to view the raw source of your HTML content. When looking at this, a power user can insert any HTML they like. This means that when you are using an external site and would like to copy and paste HTML, you can do so directly into EditLive!.

Insert HTML Fragment 

EditLive! includes a plugin which makes inserting HTML from varied sources even easier. This plugin, Insert HTML Fragment, makes it very easy to insert HTML snippets into EditLive! without using code view.

Insert HTML Fragment is an optional functionality of EditLive!. Check with your Systems Administrator first to ensure this functionality exists in your instance of EditLive!.

Displaying the Insert HTML Fragment Dialog

Insert HTML Fragment is enabled via either the Insert HTML Comment... item in the Insert menu or by the  button on the toolbar.

The Insert HTML Fragment menu item may not appear in your instance of EditLive!. This would be due to your Systems Administrator removing this functionality. For more information, see your Systems Administrator.

Using Insert HTML Fragment

Launching Insert HTML Fragment will display a simple dialog with a single text area into which HTML can be pasted.

In order to make this process extremely easy, EditLive! will check the clipboard for HTML when the dialog is first opened and automatically add this text directly to the text area. When the dialog is closed with the OK button, this HTML will be added to the existing document's source code.


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