EditLive! 9 End User Help : Copying Style Information


When a specific style is created for text appearing in EditLive!, this same style information can be copied and applied to any other text appearing in the editor. Style refers to attributes of text such as color, size and font.

Methods for Copying Style Information

There are 3 basic methods for copying style information:

  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Toolbar Button
  • Menu Item


Before using any of the methods listed below, you must first select the text in EditLive! which contains the style you wish to copy.
The toolbar and menu items described below may not appear in your instance of EditLive!. This would be due to your Systems Administrator removing this functionality. For more information, see your Systems Administrator.

Keyboard Shortcut

Press the CTRLSHIFT and C keys simultaneously to copy the selected style.

Toolbar Button

The  toolbar button copies the style from the currently selected text.

Menu Item

The  Format Painter menu item is located under the Format menu.

Applying Style Information

Copying and applying style information involves 3 steps:

  1. Click text in EditLive! that has the desired style.
  2. Select one of the three style copying methods described above.
  3. Select the text you wish to apply this style to.
    Select the text you wish to apply this style to by holding the mouse down and highlighting a word, sentence or paragraph. Upon letting go of the mouse button, the style information will be copied to the selected text


format_painter_16.png (image/png)