EditLive! 9 End User Help : Automatic Hyperlinks

The Automatic Hyperlink functionality automatically converts user-typed text containing a URL into a valid, clickable web hyperlink. Currently, Automatic Hyperlink supports conversion on the following types of links:

  •  http
  • https
  • file and FTP URLs
  • www URLs without a protocol
  • email address URLs


Automatic Hyperlinking is an optional functionality of EditLive!. Check with your Systems Administrator first to ensure this functionality exists in your instance of EditLive!.

To use Automatic Hyperlink, type text that begins with http://, https://, www., and email addresses into the document. After you press space, tab, or enter immediately following this text, EditLive! will convert the text into a link. If you don't want the text to be a clickable hyperlink, simply press Ctrl+Z (or alternatively, choose Undo from the Edit menu) after the link conversation has occured. This will undo the conversion of the text into a hyperlink but will not undo your typing.