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The configuration item referred to in this article was introduced in version 3.5.0 of the Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package. This article is not applicable to previous versions.

Java 6 incompatible

Enhanced Media Embed is not supported for Connections 5.5, as the media embed server requires Java 7+, and Connections 5.5 runs on Java 6.

The recommendation for Connections 5.5 users is to disable Enhanced Media Embed. Instructions on how to do so can be found further below under "To disable enhanced media embed."

Connections 5.5 users may choose to deploy the media embed server to an application server that is running Java 7+, but please note that this configuration has not been tested and is not supported.

The Services package contains an enhanced media embed service that enhances the functionality of the editor in IBM Connections.

Link conversion to enhanced media embeds is enabled by default, but can be disabled via an integration configuration setting.  Disabling enhanced media embed will cause the editor to skip fetching media embeds for new auto-links.  The steps for for enabling / disabling the enhanced media embed are outlined below:

New deployments:

To disable enhanced media embed:

  1. In the <directory with uncompressed installation files>/config/config.js file, set "linkEmbedEnabled" to 'false'.
  2. Restart the 'Common' enterprise application.

To re-enable enhanced media embed:

  1. In the <directory with uncompressed installation files>/config/config.js file, set "linkEmbedEnabled" to 'true'.
  2. Restart the 'Common' enterprise application.

Iframe support limitations

The enhanced media embed is always disabled in Community descriptions and Events as in Connections 6, iframes are not allowed in those applications.

Existing deployments:

Follow the instructions located at: Changing Customizations after Deployment to change the configuration on existing deployments, using the values listed above.

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