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The optional role-based deployment module of Ephox Editors for IBM Connections enables administrators to selectively deploy Ephox Editors for IBM Connections to users by mapping a security role to users and/or groups.

Once role-based deployment has been configured and activated, only users with the required role will be able to access All other users will receive the default IBM Connections editor as their editor for content.

Role-based selection of editor:

  1. If a user is a textboxioforconnections.user (or editliveforconnections.user) and can be loaded, will be loaded.
  2. In all other cases CKEditor will be loaded.
  3. If a user is part of a group and roles are defined for both, the group and the user, the user role overrides the group role.

Activating role-based deployment:

  1. Set "editor" to 'role-based' in <directory with uncompressed installation files>/config/config.js.
  2. Install EphoxEditorsForConnections.ear.
  3. Start EphoxEditorsForConnections.ear.
  4. Map users and groups to roles.

EphoxEditorsForConnections.ear is an optional component of Ephox Editors for IBM Connections and only needs to be installed if role-base deployment is required.

The user role is cached in the web browser tab session, which some browsers restore when tabs are restored after a browser restart or are reopened after being closed. The easiest way to test role changes is to open a fresh browser tab and copy over the URL.

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