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Some features of, such as spell checking, link validation and media embeding, rely on server side components that function as a web service.  

For these features to function within the associated services must be installed and configured into the IBM Connections environment.  

These services can be installed and configured by following the instructions below.

If the services are not working correctly ensure that they can make outbound HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) connections to in-house servers and the public Internet. These are required by link validation and enhanced media embedding services which make an outbound call for each link or media. WebSphere must be able to reach any web page, media or image potentially targeted by users of 

  1. Ensure HTTP proxies are properly configured for outbound connections. See installing the server-side components.
  2. Ensure WebSphere has the proper SSL configuration. See import certificates for external servers.

For more information on service configuration, please consult's Services documentation.

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