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IBM® Connections 5.5 is provided with three rich text editors that can be deployed to your end users - the default rich text editor and Ephox's EditLive! and editors.  Ephox's editors can be used to replace the default rich text editor through the installation of the optional Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package.  If you choose to deploy either or EditLive! to replace the default editor, the deployed editor will be consistent throughout the IBM® Connections interface, affecting the authoring for blogs, wikis, profiles, forums, activities, communities and more throughout IBM® Connections.

Why Use Ephox's Editors

The Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package is provided as part of your IBM® Connections entitlement.

The Ephox editors provide a number of significant capabilities beyond the default IBM® Connections editor.  These include:

  • Multi-lingual spell checking as-you-type with autocorrect
  • Excellent copy and paste from Microsoft Word, including image assets from Microsoft Word documents.
  • Copy and paste of images
  • Additional local image insert options
  • Full screen editing mode
  • Significantly improved table editing

Deployment Options

Once the Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package has been installed, EditLive! or can be deployed to specific users and groups.  Administrators can choose which of the Ephox editors to deploy or switch to the default CKEditor.

Ephox Editors for IBM Connections is packaged with both EditLive! Enterprise Edition version 9.1 and 1.3.  Either can be deployed as the editor within IBM® Connections 5.5.  Which editor you chose to deploy is dependent on your functional and platform requirements.

Selecting an Editor to Deploy - vs EditLive! is a next generation editor built using in-browser technology and does not require the installation of additional plugins (note that Adobe Flash is required for image copy and paste on some browsers without complete HTML5 implementations).

EditLive! is a mature Java-based editor that requires the Java plugin to be installed in order to run.  EditLive! includes a number of advanced features not yet available in, such as image editing, enhanced rich media insertion, and HTML accessibility authoring and checking tools.

The EditLive! deployment includes a fallback capability, so if for some reason a user does not have Java installed, or uses an unsupported browser, the editor is automatically switched to be for that editing session.

For more information on the differences in functionality between, EditLive! and the default IBM® Connections editor, please see the Selecting an Editor document which includes a detailed editor comparison.


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