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This functionality is available in Ephox Editors for IBM Connections version 1.1 and above.

What is Editor Fallback?

Editor fallback is designed to ensure that end users always receive the best possible editing environment that they are able to run with their client environment.

The editor fallback functionality of Ephox Editors for IBM Connections enables rich text sections to revert to a supported editor for that platform.

Fallback occurs when the browser is not supported by (e.g. Internet Explorer versions prior to Internet Explorer 11). will fallback to the IBM Connections default editor.

The instance of the IBM Connections editor that is loaded is unmodified by Ephox.  It does not include any additional functionality beyond what is packaged with IBM Connections.

How Does Editor Fallback Work?

The Ephox Editors for IBM Connections integration enables editor fallback to happen automatically.  The end user will not be prompted to manually trigger the fallback.

When the page containing a rich text editing section is loaded into the browser the integration uses JavaScript to identify the end user's platform - their browser and if the browser is able to support If is configured as the preferred editor, if the browser supports it then it will run.  

Does Fallback Make Any of the Ephox Editors Functionality Available in the Original Packaged Editor?

No.  Much of the functionality that differentiates relies on HTML5 and cannot be made available in an unsupported client.  

The fallback functionality does not make any of the Ephox Editors functionality available in editor packaged with IBM Connections.  In effect users who work with this editor experience IBM Connection's as it was prior to the Ephox Editors install.

How Do I Ensure My Users Get an Ephox Editor?

Users that have a client environment that is supported by (see the System Requirements for details) will receive as the rich text editor within IBM Connections.  

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